Month: August 2014

stamp destash

I have decided to destash over 100 stamps! There are three videos on my youtube channel showing you each item. You can watch them below or on my channel by clicking here. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1. I love to make videos! And I love to make videos with products that are available to everyone. It is no fun to watch a video, fall in love with something, and then have to hunt it down and pay out the whazoo for it on ebay. 2. I haven’t used it in a year. That was my deciding point on most of these. My heart loves them all but, my head says you haven’t used it, move on and pass it along to someone who will use it. So with that super long intro here is how to purchase all of these loved goodies:

1. Prices include shipping in the continental United States. If you are in Alaska or Hawaii or International just email me at and we will work something out.

2. DO NOT COMMENT on the youtube video!!! It is way to difficult to keep track of who comment first.

3. COMMENT HERE on this blog post. Please include the item number and your paypal email address. (if you are not comfortable leaving your email address in the comments, leave a comment with the item number and a note letting me know you have emailed me at your paypal email address)

4. If you purchase multiple items I will give a discount!!! Since all prices include shipping I will take a little bit off if you order several items.

5. I will paypal you an invoice for the items you requested. Please pay invoices within 24 hrs. I will send one reminder then the stamps will be passed along to the next interested person.

6. All packages will ship on Monday August 25, 2014 or sooner.

Okay I think that is everything! If you have any questions please comment below or email me. Thanks so much and I really appreciate your support.

****All proceeds from this sale will go towards NEW crafty goodies to make new videos with!****



New Video & GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hey y’all I thought it was about time for a giveaway! This is just a little one but I have some plans for something pretty fun coming soon!!!! Anyhow if you watched the video already you are here to subscribe to my blog. Here are the giveaway rules and all the product information for most of the things shown in the video. If you have a question about something please don’t hesitate to ask!!! Thanks for stopping by and good luck 🙂

Giveaway Rules: This giveaway will run until Friday August 8, 2014 and I will announce the winner in a video and on my blog. You can have THREE (even though in the video I say two … my bad) entries per person, here is how to do it:

1. Subscribe to my blog (one entry)

2. Subscribe to my youtube channel

3. Like this video

4. Leave a comment one the youtube video telling us what your favorite new collection is (one entry)

5. Leave a comment on the youtube video telling us what your all time favorite collection is (one entry)

That’s THREE entries per person! Whoop whoop! Thank you so much for watching and being so awesome and supportive. I have made some really great friendships and learned so much from all of you talented folks!