El Divino Nino

Hey y’all, today I have  a really fun and easy layout. First, let me explain the photo and title. This is a picture of my little brother taken by their photographer at an event his band was playing at. The band is called El Divino Nino, hence, the title. I super loved the picture and it was absolutely the inspiration for the colors of the layout. Sometimes a photo just speaks to you and it is so fun to go with it. I love using grey, black, white, and cream with a black and white photo and since it is the holidays and red is my brothers favorite color I added some hints throughout the layout. One of my favorite things about paper is the branding strip at the bottom, with most brands it is a complete 12″ strip of a pattern from the collection. Use them! It’s like a bonus pattern, and perfect for creating the strips along the top and bottom of the layout. Here’s my question this week, well, there are two actually: Do you use the branding strips from your papers? And, do you let photos dictate your colors and design or do you have the products in mind and choose a photo to go with them? Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out the video for details of the entire process!



Here is the video:

Make sure to check out the December Hip Kit and Add Ons: they are fabulous!!!

1524092_10153365210644778_1563238500774420031_o 1911053_10153365203339778_9116802591460956764_o 10714270_10153365206474778_3703514595401503803_o 10658967_10153383350319778_7289491158145066997_o


Add there is a video:

One comment

  1. Great layout! I love those branding strips at the bottom. Sometimes the strips at the top of a 6×6 are just enough to layer with or put at the top of layout if you just need something at the top of your page say like, in the corner. That’s an awesome picture of your brother.

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