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 faith –  complete trust or confidence is someone or something

Illustrated Faith is the concept of expressing your faith through artistic and creative mediums. Shanna Noel has brought the crafting community many products over the past couple of years. Whether it was her design work for Studio Calico Kits, the two paper collections she developed, or the sweet and encouraging words you could find her leaving on blogs, youtube videos, and facebook posts. All of these things are incredible accomplishments, but perhaps none as inspiring as her new endeavor Illustrated Faith. This is a true gift to the community. Below is a video showing some of the products available. I encourage you to checkout the Illustrated Faith facebook group as well as the website.  For today only there is a special in the etsy shop. The concept of Just One … below is the information from Shanna. Thanks so much for stopping by!

From Shanna:

From the very beginning of Illustrated Faith God has laid it on my heart that if “Just One” person is touched by this then it is all worth it. All the sweat, all the praying, all the long nights, all the frustrations, all the joys, all the triumphs, all the confusion, all the conversation, all the blog posts, all the newsletters, all the chats, all the praying, all the emails, all the organizing, all the searching, all the praying, it would all be worth it if just one personfound a way to have that same LIGHT BULB moment that leads to an unquenchable thirst for a living, breathing, relationship with God.

He has also reminded me that if “just that one person” is ME that it is EQUALLY worth it! That is how much he loves us friends. It really is unimaginable. But we try, and I see so many of you trying! I see so many of you that have that same message of “Just One ” as you purchase devotional kits for your friends! We want to join in with you over the next couple of days when you buy a kit, you will receive a devotional kit to give to that “one” person in your life that you know would benefit from this! That one person in your life that when you see a beautiful illustration of God’s amazing love your heart just SINGS that persons name – “My friend Amanda would LOVE this, my sister Jane NEEDS this, my cousin Jason would ROCK this!” Whatever it is, here is your chance to partner with us to bring this devotional kit to them!

HOW: I know you may be getting excited thinking of all the people you want to give kits to now LOL! But I urge you to really focus on that person God has laid on your heart and buy with intention! Here is how it’s going to work, head on over to our store ( and pick up a kit for yourself , and one kit for your friend (if you already have all the kits, give them both to a friend). At check out enter code: JUSTONE –coupon code expires June 14th and it will take the price of the 2nd kit off your total! Please keep in mind these will ship both to you, then it’s up to you to bring them to your friend. sister, family member, neighbor and share the story of “just one” and how God whispered their name on your heart!

Thank you for joining me in something God laid on MY heart-
xox Shanna

P.S. Please feel free to share this post with even “just one” person!!!


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